Monday, 16 February 2015

Day 92 – Unsafe, Part 3

When and as I see myself feeling unsafe because of freedom of choice I have within my occupation I stop and I breathe. I realise that this feeling of being unsafe is just because I am not directing self, and taking on the responsibility,
When and as I see myself feeling overwhelmed due to freedom of choice, I stop and I breathe, I realise that I am just displaced within myself, and that I need to re-align my direction and responsibility and thus I commit and allow myself within the moment of the feeling to inhale, make the decision within myself to move myself forward with self-direction and responsibility.

When and as I see myself going into self-doubt and due to the doubt that I will not be moving forward within myself and my occupation, so I stop and I breathe, to see and assess the situation and to allow myself to not doubt but instead go ahead, and make my choice, and even if they are wrong or not the best, this is how I will learn, and gain experience.

When and as I see myself having triggered and activate the point for a train of thoughts to run through my mind by thinking that I am unsafe, I stop and I breathe, I concentrate on my body, fingers and toes, to get my focus off of the thoughts, and get my sense of direction in order. Thus commit myself to focus on the physical, at what is here, in the word that I can see in front of me, and what I need to do next.

When and as I see myself feeling that I will be safe within the system as having a job, working under a boss, I stop and I breathe. I realise that this is just an illusion and that it is actually not as safe as I make myself believe it to be. Thus I commit myself to let go of this believe within myself by realising that I am in control of my reality and what I do within it, thus realising that I am here, in the physical moving myself and my word accordingly to what I need to achieve.

When and as I see myself following within the footsteps of acting and living as if I am a person that is just employed and not realising that I am actually running a business, I stop and I breathe, to realise that I am limiting myself in the aspect of standing firm within my word and my deed, not allowing myself to go out into the business world and speak my word with meaning. I commit and allow myself to take in this responsibility as self, and direct myself within each and every moment that I am walking within my shoes to give it my all, and to live my words that I speak – to be able to reach my true potential within what I am capable of in this point in time.

When and as I see myself feeling or believing that I am incompetent because I have struggles with communicating with ease, I stop and I breathe, I realise that this is a point that will hinder me further in life, and if I do not start using the tools that is being proved to improve myself with, I will keep on having this pattern of feeling incompetent, doubt and fear within myself when speaking to others – again hindering my business and myself from reaching my potentials. I commit and allow myself to when and as I speak, meaning communicating, with other people that the words I use is mine, that I am certain of them, that I understand my own words, and that I speak it off my chest, from within – to feel the flow within body, my chest, to my first instance of opening my mouth as the word is leaving my mouth onto the person I am in contact with, to be sure that I am directing myself, my words, my world – thus self-directing within communicating.

When and as I see myself wanting to be untruthful towards myself, and wanting to settle for less, I stop and I realise that this is not what is best for all, by limiting my myself I am limiting the world, for I have something to offer – as do all – as so I have to play my role, so I commit and allow myself to eradicate this pattern of thoughts by stabilising my body in the physical, first with a breath inhaling-exhaling and be here, to then focus on my reality and my body – finger tips and toes – and from that moment on, implement self-direction and responsibility.

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